1. Link creation

We keep a record of the following link information: date created, url, your monero address and a specific id. When you request a file by using the specific id you were given by someone, you automatically request a token with the required difficulty. (amount of hashes)

The required amount of hashes is calculated by multiplying the difficulty level with 256. Whenever waiting for the link, you periodically check our backend for the mining status. If you mined enough coins, we return the link to you.

The maximum amount of time you can mine is 1 hour.

2. Payment

Your link stores the amount of mined hashes. Every hour and/or day, we purge this amount of hashes per link, retrieve their Monero value and transfer this amount to the given Monero address.

From the amount of hashes that is transferred to you, we keep 5% to cover hosting costs. We will try to payout the tiniest amount possible, in case there are no transfer fees. The hashes are only counted towards your account when the visitor reaches the required amount.

Note: Currently, payout is being developed, but your hashes are not lost.